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The T'boli produce a number of highly valued indigenous products.  These products provide the main source of income for many if not most of the T'boli tribe, and the support of Filipino and overseas customers is greatly appreciated.  The T'boli greatly value the education of their children, through both mission and public schools, and the sale of their arts and crafts makes this education possible.  These products include the following:

T'nalak Weaving
The most famous T'boli art form, dating from the tribe's pre-history and based on sacred practices.

T'boli embroidery
Also holding a special place in the traditions of the T'boli people, their traditional embroidered clothing is still worn by many people in every day situations.  The T'boli embroidery can also be used for a variety of non-clothing uses.

Brass casting
Highly skilled in the use of small-scale, hand fired furnaces, T'boli castings are presented for both traditional and decorative uses.

Beads, bags and other T'boli products
The T'boli produce a variety of additional handicrafts, many of which have an established place in T'boli traditions.


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