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From left, a T'boli jewelry box, being used to store thread spools; a family heirloom with worked top; a T'boli brass caster working on a Datu's (village chief's) scabbard.

The T'boli are master small furnace brass casters, producing any variety of small and medium-sized pieces, each individually made, using only hand tools and manually operated bellows.  Brass pieces can be simple or highly ornate, and each piece will be unique - jewelry boxes, crucifixes, decorative items, or products to specification are all produced.  T'boli casters are not best suited to orders for thousands or even hundreds of Christmas trees for the mass market - but rather designing and producing a tree that is a one-of-a-kind piece, each component hand forged, hammered, rolled or formed by a family which has been in the same business for generations.  Such businesses are often made up of a husband and wife team, with each sharing in the production process and each capable of carrying out each step in the production process.

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